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MacRay Order Form - Method 1   (Interactive PDF Version)
If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click  HERE . Once the MacRay Order Form is loaded, Right-Click on the page and select "Save as…" to download the form to your computer Desktop. After the form is downloaded, navigate to it's location and open the file. Use the pull-down menus to select the items you wish to order and complete the information at the bottom of the form. When your order is complete, click the Green Star and follow the pop-up options to initiate your email program. The MacRay Order Form will attach itself to a new email message. This process may take 2-4 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection. When you see the Draft Message in your email program, press the Send button. The email and attachment will be sent to
MacRay Order Form - Method 2  (Printed Version)
If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click 
HERE . Once the MacRay Order Form is loaded, Right-Click on the page and select "Print". Make sure your printer is turned on and click "Print" on the printer dialog window. When the form is printed, write your ordering information in the appropriate boxes, complete the information at the bottom of the page and mail the form to:

The MacRay Company, LLC
100 W North St. 
Springfield, OH 45504  


Apparel by The MacRay Company, LLC
Ph. (937) 325-1726


Designed by Michael Allen & Bob Turner, this Challenge Coin is 1.75" in diameter, 3mm thick, has Rope Cut edging, and is finished in Antique Gold.  This is a Challenge Coin you will be proud to own, or share with your children and grandchildren.  Also, If you are planning to store your coin in a shadow box, or other form of display case, we suggest you purchase 2 coins so you can display both sides of the coin in the same setting.  Here is the pricing info which includes Shipping:
    1 Coin - $15.00/ea                            6 or 7 Coins - $12.00/ea
    2 or 3 Coins - $14.00/ea                  8 or 9 Coins - $11.00/ea
    4 or 5 Coins - $13.00/ea                  10 or more Coins - $10.00/ea
                               Challenge Coin Order Form

Challenge Coins are In Stock!!

Color Photo Print taken by Charles E. Swartz (DCFN '69) offered by  Print is available in 16"x20" or 20"x24" with or without a choice of frames.  Prices start at $32.50 + shipping on  eBay.
Full-color Print by world renowned military artist RAF Wing Commander Ian Hall MBE (Ret).  Print measures 19" x 13" and is on heavy glossy paper.  The print is unframed and is available for $43.95 + shipping. Go to:

Salty Dawgs music digitized from a Reel-to-Reel tape recorded between 1967 and 1968 at various events aboard Anna. Total of 24 tracks, a little over 78 minutes. Includes an introduction by Dr. Buckis and a Volleyball trophy award ceremony. The cost of the CD is $10.00 which includes shipping. ​​
We have AGMR-1 insignia patches available. The patches measure 4"x4-3/4" and are perfect for a jacket or windbreaker. The patches are embroidered from high quality thread and will hold up through scores of wash cycles. The cost of the patch is $8.00 each which includes shipping.​​
Good reading written by the former  USS Annapolis crewman, Dennis McDougal.  He served on the Annapolis as a Personnel-man/Second Class from Dec '67 to Apr '69.  After his stint in the Navy, Dennis became a news-paper journalist and author, and has written numerous books on current affairs, political figures,

License Plate Frames are available from in standard 2- and 4-hole configuration.  Sixteen frame designs are available. Prices range from $19.95 to $49.95 depending on frame design and type of frame (metal or plastic).  Click the link below and begin designing your personal-ized license plate frame.​​
movie stars and in 2011, he wrote this book which chronicles his time in the Navy and Vietnam. The book is available on in several formats including: Kindle, Audiobook and Paperback.  Click the link below to view the book on