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Aerial Photo of USS Annapolis (AGMR-1)

This is an "official" Navy photograph taken from a helicopter by G. J. Clark, PH2, USN on 10 August 1964.  Also printed on the back of the photo:  "1964  Photographic Laboratory US Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA  DAP 7148-8-64  Date: 10 August 1964  Port Quarter view of USS Annapolis AGMR-1 underway at Hampton Roads, VA."
We received this photo from "Old Pop" David Topham who was in the Navy for 10 years and left the service as an ET1 to pursue a totally different career in the private sector.  Mr. Topham received the photo from Don Delaney who is a retired HM1 after 20 years.  Mr. Delaney received the photograph from his sister-in-law who's first husband was a submariner, but time has erased his name and how he acquired it.  Now we are in possession of the photo and are proud to display it on our website.  We would like to Thank All who participated in bringing this photo forward for the world to enjoy.

USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) underway
off the coast of Hampton Roads, VA. 
Official US Navy photograph by:
G.J. Clark, PH2, USN

Photos supplied by Clyde Stark (RM1  67-68)

Photos supplied by Phil Selden (LTJG  66-67)

Here is Capt. Rowan and his party at the 2011 Reunion in Norfolk, VA.  Capt. Rowan was presented a gift from the Sailors and Officers of NCTAMS LANT by Capt. Danelle Barrett.  Capt. Rowan and his party were piped into the room when thy arrived.  Also included, is a detailed news article on the event from the 10th Fleet Public Affairs Office.

Photos supplied by Peter Clark (LTJG  66-67)

These photos were given to Peter Clark by LCDR Art Jesser several years ago and he (LCDR Jesser) asked the photos be archived somewhere that everyone could see them.  Peter Clark asked if we could display them on our website.  In light of this request, we imported all 95 photos into a photo album complete with an Index and links to each page.  Note:  The PDF file is fairly large, so be patient because it may take over a minute to load depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Here's a couple photos that didn't make it into LCDR Jesser's Photo Album. 

Peter Clark's

LCDR Jesser's
Photo Album

Photos supplied by Michael Allen (YN2  68-69)

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Mike's Shadowbox

Michael Allen's USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) Model

Mike's USS Annapolis model was built by Motion Models, Inc. of Coral Springs, FL and is 24"(L) x 3.25"(W) x 9.45"(H).  It is primarily made of mahogany and molded resin with wire for rigging, stanchions and railings. It was delivered 25 Sept 2019 and came with an acrylic display case.  It took over three years to acquire technical drawings, specs and Mike supplied lots of photos.  The model will remain in Mike's possession for the time being, but will eventually be donated to a maritime museum.

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Photo supplied by Lynn Fanene (SN  68-69)

Jeff Compoc & Lynn Fanene

Photo supplied by Fred Prehn (BT2  63-65)

Fred Prehn & Al Phillips

Photos supplied by Charles Peasha (BT3  63-64)

Charlie's Photos