Ship's Document provided by Michael Allen (YN3 68-69)

Family Gram by
Capt. W. F. Casper
17 Aug 1967

Ship's Document provided by Larry Craven (SFM3 '69)

Family Gram by
Capt. K. C. Miller
20 Sep 1969

Ship's Documents provided by Robert Stenstrom (BMSN 65-66)

Christmas Menu
Dec 1965

Family Gram by
Capt. J. W. Newland, Jr.
14 Oct 1965

Thanksgiving Menu
​Nov 1965

Ship's Documents provided by Roger Faultersack (DC3 68-69)

Welcome Aboard
Capt. W. J. Wacker Commanding

Anna Phone Book

Good Reading by Jim Cusick (LTJG 65-66)

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I have read "Tin Can Titans" by John Wukovits, which highlights Destroyer action in the Pacific during WW2. One of the "tin cans" featured is the USS deHaven which was sunk off Guadalcanal. One survivor was LT John Rowan who had survived the sinking of the USS Vincennes 5 months earlier. ANNA's 1st skipper was CAPT John Rowan, one and the same. He was also part of Halsey's Task Force for the Doolittle mission. CAPT Rowan attended our 1st Reunion in 2001 and I believe at least one more and I heard about his "sinkings". Thought you might enjoy hearing about this. Good book by the way.

Jim Cusick
ANNA '65-'66 - B Division Officer and later A&R

"Tin Can Titans" 
by John Wukovits

News Article supplied by Charles Peasha (BT3  63-64)

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Documents supplied by Ferdinand Prehn (BT2  63-65)

1963 BUPERS Report

BUPERS Reports 1963

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Documents supplied by Dave Heise, Sr. (IC3  '69)

Officers Roster - 1964

Enlisted Roster - 1964

Letter from LCDR A. D. Jesser to Rear Admiral F. E. Janney

of Annapolis (AGMR-1)

VERTREP Incident
16 June 1969

Decommissioning Deck
Log of Annapolis (AGMR-1)

Decommissioning Crew
of Annapolis (AGMR-1)

Poetic Deck Logs:

It is the task of the Officer Of The Deck (OOD) to maintain the ship’s log book and the entries therein.  This is especially true for the midnight to 4 AM watch on New Year’s Day where it is the tradition for the OOD to ‘ring in the New Year’ with a poem.  Below are the New Year’s day entries from Anna’s logbooks as retrieved from the National Archives online catalog and copied verbatim.

Documents supplied by Peter Clark (LTGJ  66-67)

Change of Command
January 7, 1967

Welcome Aboard
Capt. W. F. Casper