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Poster Supplied by Ferdinand Prehn (BT2 63-65)

This page is for Crew Members who want to share photos, documents and experiences while stationed aboard the Annapolis.  If you wish to contribute your photos, movies or stories to this website, please contact Bob Turner at and we will work out the best way to transfer your information. Preferred formats are: 640x480dpi .JPG for photos; MS Word .DOC or .DOCX for stories/tales. PDF's will be accepted if original Word file is not available.  We will also accept web-links if your video or slideshow resides on YouTube.  Large files such as movies or videos that are not on YouTube should be on a DVD and mailed to Bob Turner.  Photos should include names of persons in the picture and a brief description of the photo subject matter.  We will make every effort to post your shipboard memories in a manner that can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone who visits our site.