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Helicopter Crash on Anna Around May 1969 - Charles Gordon RM2

by / on 11/24/18

Am trying to find anyone who remembers the helicopter crash in 69. I was only on the Anna for short period of time and don't remember where we were. I thought we were in the Tonkin Gulf. If anyone remembers the event, shoot me an Email: plute777@hotmail.com

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1. DC3 Roger Faultersack said on 1/9/19 - 11:55AM
I was there too, I was standing under where Capt Wacker was standing over top me. email, rogerlinda6776@charter.net
2. Charles Lang MR2 said on 9/14/19 - 08:32AM
I was maning the fire plug on the flight deck when it happened. We had just arrived in the Med and were at anchor. It was our first vert rep in the Med, we did it under way in Nam hundred times with out a problem.
3. Bill Webb ETN3 said on 10/9/19 - 11:54AM
"10. On 16 June 1969, during VERTREP operations in the harbor of Palma de Mallorcaa, a UH-46D helicopter came too close to an omni-directional antenna, clipping it with its rotors and crashed over the side. The crew was rescued and no life was lost. That was the last VERTREP in which the Annapolis ever participated. (Click for Additional Information provided by David Heise, Sr. (IC3 '69))"ing

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